Sofia Vergara


Thank u to everyone that helped me on sunday to show my friends in LA a little bit of the beauty of the latin culture!Gracias Cheff Juanma from el Cielo for the amazing Colombian food. Gracias for to the Band SitaraSon for the Cuban music.gracias Martha Medeiros for my dress and party favors from Brazil and Brasilidade Samba show for amazing Brazilian dancers! Also thank u Pirates for parties for the amazing birds,a very serious company and respectful of the birds. They have all the permits, veterinary care and use the best food for the animals. They also use affection training, as opposed to treat training (these birds want to be held by humans).This is a refuge company and all of these birds are there as a last resort. They live a long time and often outlive their owners and that's how they end up there.This company also does this as a way to raise awareness for the extinction of the birds. The extinction is happening due to deforestation of the Amazon forest to raise cattle. By placing these birds in public view, they remind people that they exist and we should look out for them.gracias to all of u!!!🌴🌺❤️